Reflect, Refresh, Reset

I’ve been off for 10 days, taking the time with my family to visit the North Shore of Oahu and the beautiful beaches of Waikiki. It’s the longest amount of time that I’ve taken vacation – ever. For the most part, I like to try to keep time off to a week at the most, but the combination of a birthday and a wedding gave us a unique opportunity to extend our normal vacation and take extra time for ourselves.

It’s really amazing what some time to clear your head can do for you. I haven’t just felt less stressed – I’ve actually felt like a completely different person. I feel myself smiling more, hear myself laughing more, and see others enjoying my company more. In fact, I said (on more than one occasion), I think that being in Hawaii actually made me a nicer person.

Now, of course, Hawaii did not actually make me nicer. What it did was give me an excuse to leave my normal responsibilities behind and allow me a chance to reflect on my priorities and rearrange them so that I could adjust anything that was out of sorts.

This is why its so important to make space for the lighter side of life. We can’t fit more into life without first making space for it, and taking time to clear away the unnecessary so that we can fit the puzzle pieces together much more easily. By resetting, we can reflect and reset.

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