Reaching Tweens and Teens through YouTube

JeyFrog channel on YouTube

It’s possible that my kids spend an ill-advised amount of time on YouTube.

Thankfully, my boys — 8 and 13 years old — are particularly open about what they watch. In fact, most of the time, they¬†want me to watch with them and I find that I enjoy the vlogs and reaction videos just as much as they do.

With a marketing perspective as well as a mother’s, I’m able to appreciate the different techniques and storylines in these videos they watch and the celebrities they follow. Exposure to my kids viewing habits — as well as the habits of their friends and peers — helps me understand what their generation is attracted to and influenced by.

So when Forbes asked for opinions on how brands can market on YouTube to attract the Gen Z audience, I didn’t hesitate to share my thoughts. Read my advice for brands on Forbes: 12 Tips To Help Your YouTube Marketing Quickly Click With Generation Z.

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